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LinuxTag kudos!

June 29th, 2009 rbu

LinuxTag 2009 is over. I slept 12 hours after that, slightly less than the total of sleep I got throughout the four days. But it was amazing. There’s so many people I have to thank that made this a unique experience. Here’s my attempt at a partial list. Thanks to…

  • All visitors for keeping us busy through discussions, compiling buttons together, and by accepting all our sneaky attempts to hand out flyers.
  • Gentoo e.V. for covering the costs for printing flyers, buttons, banner, sweets and drinks.
  • Alex Legler for designing the flyers, the banner, making sure they get printed in time, and manning the booth.
  • Sebastian Pipping for designing both the t-shirts and word cloud with me, and giving valuable of feedback on the booth presentation. He also organized sweets and the diner table of Tuesday evening.
  • Christian Faulhammer for manning the booth longer than anybody else; he helped out throughout all four days, from the first minute until his train left.
  • Tobias Scherbaum for approving all our funding requests; being there even at a busy time and organising the two Gentoo book samples.
  • Wernfried Haas and Claudia, for creating and hanging up the great Larry prints again. What would a Gentoo booth be without them?
  • Sebastian Dyroff for driving all the boxes to the exhibition grounds and back to my place, and staying at the booth for quite a while.
  • Luca Barbato for being around every now and then, while not busy at the ffmpeg booth.
  • Florian Streibelt for fixing the presentation machine, providing some hardware on short notice and his booth service.
  • Daniel Sturm for lending the button machine and buying all supplies, and manning the booth.
  • Fabian Groffen for taking the long drive from the Netherlands, and work the booth despite partying.
  • Valentin Haenel for being at the booth on Saturday.
  • Torsten Schmits for manning the booth on Friday. (Hope you get better soon!)
  • Björn Tropf for preparing the flyer with Alex and being there two days.
  • Gordon Malm for proof-reading and improving the flyer.
  • Tobias Kral and an unknown messenger for getting the stickers and mouse pad to the event.
  • Benedikt Böhm, Christian Parpart, and Hanno Boeck for stopping by at the booth and saying hello.
  • All LinuxTag helpers for all the work they did, including full-time catering. Special thanks to Daniel, Sebastian Pipping and Fabian for participating in that.
  • All corporate sponsors of the event, they paid for catering and parts of the Social Event.
  • Fedora for the free pizza on Friday.
  • Ubuntu Berlin for the barbeque on Saturday.
  • All those who offered help for next year. We will come back to you, LinuxTag 2010 is June 9 to 12.

Let me finish with a few bytes of statistics. There were more than 10 000 visitors, we sold 39 t-shirts, drank 34 bottles of Mate and 10 bottles of water, and ate 3 kg of sweets. Ohh, and here’s us again:


Last row, from the left: rbu, grobian, sping, fauli behind dertobi123, a3li, Claudia and amne. Front row: Florian, Sebastian Dyroff, Dan Levin.

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  1. Anonymous
    June 29th, 2009 at 19:34 | #1

    Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to meet you and the button compiler rocks ;-)

  2. June 29th, 2009 at 22:08 | #2

    So, Robert, thank YOU for another great year of Berlin/LinuxTag. Once again I’ve enjoyed the airco of Messe, and hardly seen anything from Berlin, let alone by daylight, apart from some juveniles.

    Anyway, the takeaway home message (or: what I’ve learned this year) is:

    - fauli: see the guy smiling in the picture, behind this smile is a hard life. Not just because he’s using windows. Remember that if he ever takes his wife to a geek-party, to stay away. His wife has a gun and knows how to shoot. Also remember never to drive him drunk on the last night, as the poor fella won’t be able to “play with the boys on Gentoo” for weeks if he comes home late.
    - dertobi123: this year’s in-flight guest, special performance act, in and out for one day, w00t!
    - dan: the guy is nasty with quiz questions that go way beyond the reasonable for a night in Biergarten
    - sping: mind him, the hair is white, but it’s still a pipping — confusing!
    - florian: one of those guys that bend their head when they smile :)

    Ok, so a random amount of work to do:
    - generate wordcloud from real sources, e.g. google, gentoo forums, mailing lists: how to get access to the raw data, use stemming, collect the words, strip the stop-words, count them, what period?
    - T-shirts were awsome, lots of interested users, keep ‘em coming all the year, can we do “tagged” T-shirts for next year? (with name)
    - the booth was like last year very good, and helpful, unlike on FOSDEM, seems the “enter our lair” works pretty well, the decorations (despite emo-cows) also spiced it up, lessons learnt? I don’t know.
    - I was missing some talks by devs on some of their work(s), maybe that’s more of a FOSDEM thing then?

    From the did you know department:
    - did you know that germans don’t seem to drink much beer?
    - and that they prefer beer with 2.6% of alcohol?
    - … with sweet stuff in it like lemon, strawberries or cherries?
    - did you know that in Berlin a weisbier is red or green? (juck!)
    - that noone liked to go for rbu’s barbecue so we went for regular food instead?
    - that grow-hormones in food make non-legal look barely-legal?
    - that reading mail on windows, even though over ssh, remains dead-slow?
    - more people were interested in Gentoo Prefix on Windows than is reasonably healthy?
    - E4 is “the platz to be”?
    - … and that they ran out of beer quickly?
    - ICE’s suck when they break down?

    It was a cool time guys, see you next year!

  3. amne
    June 29th, 2009 at 22:13 | #3

    Linuxtag was really great this year, i can only add ++ to all the kudos. Looking forward to next year :-)

  4. asyme
    June 30th, 2009 at 15:38 | #4

    I would like to thank you (Robert) for your extensive contribution in organizing the gentoo booth and of course for providing free tickets.
    Moreover thanks to all guys mentioned in the partial list for their respective participation as well as to Oracle/Sun/OpenOffice(?) for offering free beer :) .
    I hope i am able to spend the whole 4 days at LinuxTag next year.

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